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Mehndi (or henna painting) in India is a very important part of the wedding ritual and ceremony. As the story goes, the deeper the color obtained on the skin, the longer the love between the couple will last; hence the belief that a proper mehndi application is tantamount to a prayer to the gods for everlasting love and a successful marriage. 

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Cool ghost photography by surrealist photographer Cristopher McKenney.

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Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics… (1997)

From a screen grab taken from the BBC documentary ‘The Power of the Witch’ which shows a photo of Anton LaVey during a Satanic sermon.


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Sebastián Izquierdo S. J. - Praxis exercitiorum spiritualium P. N. Ignatii (1695). [x]

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Andrei Tarkovsky - Nostalghia
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 Imaginary Architecture (detail), François de Nomé, ca. 1600 
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The Young Violonist, 1967
Saul Leiter
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